Championing Vulnerability in Debt Services

In the world of debt services, few individuals stand out as true champions of vulnerability, so we were thrilled when Isobel Crosse was recognised as the Vulnerability Champion of the Year at the Vulnerability Awareness Gala. As our Head of Strategy and CX, she is one such exceptional leader who has dedicated herself to promoting financial education and inclusion while addressing consumer vulnerabilities both within our organization and across the industry. Her unwavering commitment and visionary leadership has not only set her apart as a leader but has also enriched the lives of countless consumers, living and breathing our purpose of making the debt industry better for everyone.

A Vision for Change

Isobel has created a clear vision and strong purpose for her team, committing them to deliver sustainable, impactful, and innovative solutions with a customer-centric focus. Under her leadership, we've seen the birth of transformative initiatives that are making a tangible impact on the lives of vulnerable consumers.
Some of the initiatives she has spearheaded include:

Annual Financial Health Report: Isobel led the team in producing our first annual financial health report, collaborating across our business and the industry to demonstrate the state of the nation's financial health. The report not only highlighted potential vulnerabilities but also made recommendations for industry-wide improvements. Launched at two events, with government and private sector, it has gone on to start partnerships where we are now tackling financial education and benefits access, with a project to proactively identify those consumers who could improve their financial health with access to this unclaimed money.
Read the report here

Tailored Vulnerable Customer Segments and Treatment Paths: Initiating the creation of tailored customer segments with improved communications and enhanced forbearance solutions. This approach, including longer payment plan options, has provided vulnerable consumers with more flexibility and support.
Support with the vulnerable customer solutions

Vulnerability Training: Recognizing the importance of education, Isobel is involved in vulnerability training for our supply chain, clients, and colleagues. So far delivering over 250 hours of training, with a goal to impact over 3,000 people and 700,000 consumers annually in the next three years.

Financial Education and Mentoring Programs: Focusing on young people in order to minimise risk of financial vulnerability, Isobel has been involved in a mentoring programme with students at risk of being NEET (not in education, employment or training) when they leave school. Donating her time and making space in her schedule to engage over a 3 month period, when asked at the end what had positively impacted the students the most during the time, Isobel was mentioned on a quarter of the feedback slips.. As a mother to three young children she is also passionate about delivering financial education to primary schools and has personally delivered financial education and mentoring programs to over 50 primary school students in our local communities this year. Her dedication to shaping the financial futures of young people is truly commendable.
Learn more about our ESG mission here

Advocating for Vulnerable Consumers

Isobel's influential position within the industry has allowed her to drive a change in attitude towards vulnerable consumers and their needs. She tirelessly advocates for earlier and better identification of vulnerable consumers, improving their experience and client outcomes, and encouraging early engagement to minimize the risk of customers falling into arrears.
You can often find her talking about the importance of addressing consumer vulnerabilities at numerous industry engagements, writing blog posts, and delivering workshops with clients and colleagues, making her a driving force for positive change.
To find out more of her work, check out her page here

Empowering Women in Finance

Isobel is not only a champion for vulnerable consumers but also a trailblazer for women working in the financial services industry. Earlier this year she delivered a 12-week coaching course, empowering 12 female colleagues to be the best version of themselves. Additionally, her industry women's network fosters collaboration and growth opportunities, addressing women's financial health issues and gender pay gap challenges within the financial sector.
To register interest in the women's network please visit here

A True Champion

Isobel stands as an embodiment of excellence in championing vulnerability in debt services. Her tireless dedication, exceptional communication skills, and visionary leadership have not only set her apart as a leader but have also enriched the lives of many vulnerable consumers.
Through initiatives that promote financial education, identify vulnerabilities, and empower both consumers and women in finance, Isobel is making a profound impact on our organization and the industry as a whole. Her journey is an inspiring example of what dedication and a genuine commitment to positive change can achieve. We are proud to have Isobel as a leader, advocate, and champion within our team.
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