About Indesser

We offer an effective, intelligent and proven way to responsibly recover debt owed to the public sector.

The UK’s leading intermediary practitioner in debt recovery

Who we are

Indesser was founded in 2015 following a competitive tender process run by Her Majesty’s government

  • We are a private business, owned by TDX Group, offering the public sector a single route to use the private sector to help recover debt
  • We use data, analytics and the resulting insight to enhance understanding of customers who owe money, and then define and implement fair and effective treatment strategies based on their individual circumstances
  • As a partner to the government a share of our earnings goes back to the public purse

We are a learning business, evolving and improving as we grow

  • We are an innovative organisation, continually adapting so we can meet current challenges
  • We’ve recovered over £2 billion in public sector debt for 17 government bodies and over £150 million of this debt which would not have been identified without our experience or data and analytics capabilities
  • Our model is flexible meaning we can scale up to meet demand by adding to our supply chain, which includes c.20 British SMEs

What we do

We provide a comprehensive range of debt management services to government and the wider public sector, including fraud and error, analytics, collection and enforcement

  • Indesser provides data and analytical services to over 7,000 users across UK government agencies, enabling them to operate more effectively and intelligently
  • Our services leverage the best available data, technology and analytics
  • Our analytics benefit from our private sector experience and we are able to use tools and technology that the public sector does not have

Our collection model is designed to be effective and fair

  • Our commitment to treating customers fairly goes beyond FCA regulation as responsibility is built into our business
  • Our end to end collections model is certified against ISO27001, the international standard for information security management systems
  • Our approach can be tailored because our contracts are signed directly with public bodies, enabling us to adapt our services to meet their specific needs
  • As our client base grows we are able to learn faster, secure better rates from suppliers and invest more in innovation

Indesser products and services

We provide a diverse range of products and services that span the entire ‘customer lifecycle’ from the detection of fraud and error at the point of application to the recovery of debt.

Digital Debt Gateway

A secure, online self-service platform that provides a quick and easy way of accessing a full debt recovery management service. Digital Debt Gateway has no costly IT integration, operational overheads or time-consuming contractual processes.

Recoveries Management

A comprehensive, fully-managed service that helps public sector organisations get the most from debt recovery all the while ensuring fair customer outcomes.

Public Sector Gateway

A configurable web-based service that's secure, easy to use and provides authorised users with integrated access to a series of reports. Each report within the Public Sector Gateway provides a view of available data that is relevant to a specific business process.

Learn who we are and why we were created

We were set up in 2015 following an open procurement for a Debt Market Integrator (DMI) that would “establish a government debt management function that is consistent with best practice, departmental strategic objectives and government priorities, and is effective, efficient and fair in its delivery”.

Successful implementation of fair and effective debt management strategies across different public sector organisations has been made possible by:

  1. Establishing an ‘end-to-end’ approach to managing debt owed to government
  2. Developing a robust understanding of government debt
  3. Driving greater use of data and analytics, to maximise the effectiveness of debt management
  4. Using examples of best practice to develop standards and guidance to drive excellence across government.

The National Audit Office recently estimated that debt owed to government exceeds £13.6 billion*, originating from many sources including benefits and tax credit overpayments, Council Tax arrears, rent arrears to local authorities as well as debts resulting from fines and loans. It is our job to help the public sector prevent and recover as much of this debt as possible.

As Indesser are the single point of access for the public sector to use private sector specialists, we can apply learnings across all our clients in order to optimise processes, further improving their efficiency and achieving better and fairer outcomes.
Since our set-up we have achieved the following:

  • Engaged with 56 central and local government organisations 
  • Taken 12.1 million accounts under management, with a total debt value of more than £12.1 billion
  • Delivered our data, analytics and services to over 7,000 users
  • Collected over £5 billion of debt 
  • Achieved an increase in collection rates ranging between 20% and 40%


public sector debt accounts under management


We have already placed more than £5 billion of debt


public sector staff already using Indesser supplied data and analytics


of debt segmented based on enriched data characteristics