Energy clients most frequently choose:

Key themes for the sector:

  • Bad debt charge reduction remains the key focus for the sector, but the increase in cost of living for consumers will mean meeting targets will be challenging.
  • Increased regulatory pressures currently faced by the Financial Services sector are likely to be translated to the energy sector.
  • Analytics and data continue to be key to driving performance and improving customer experience, but challenges still exist around the effective use of the information currently available across internal systems.
  • The amount of data available will continue to grow exponentially driven by the introduction of smart meters, increases in industry data sharing and other sources of information.
  • The sector is attracting significant interest from the debt sale market because purchasers are focused on diversifying into new sectors.

Our experience

With £2.66 billion of retail energy debt on our debt placement and management platform (PLATO), we manage more final debt for the energy sector than any other UK organisation. This gives us unparalleled insight into how energy customers behave when in arrears, enabling us to help energy companies improve liquidation performance, while ensuring fair treatment of their customers. We can help identify optimal treatment strategies for consumer and SME debt recovery while also helping address energy-specific challenges, such as dealing with occupier debts and identifying and extracting unrealised value from large warehouse portfolios.