Telecoms and media

Debt solutions for the telco industry:

We have placed over £2.8 billion of live and terminated global telecoms and media debt giving us an unparalleled view of how customers behave when in arrears.

TDX Group provides a fully managed recoveries service to three of the top five multi-play providers in the UK. We have experience across fixed line, broadband, mobile and TV, and understand the differences in the way they perform and the treatments which generate the greatest rate of resolutions.

Products and services our telco clients choose:

PLATO combined with recoveries management

Our debt management platform allows you to define and manage your debt recovery portfolio with the right strategy and suppliers.

PLATO also underpins our recoveries management solution with TDX Group offering analytical and operational support. Find out more about PLATO and recoveries management.

Debt sale

Debt sale continues to be a key part of the overall recovery strategy for most telcos. Utilising debt sale at the right time for the right customers can offer significant benefits in terms of net return and the customer experience. More about debt sale


With significant experience in this sector, we are able to provide telco businesses with quick-to-deploy tools and tactical advice designed to deliver increased liquidation and reduce operational cost, through to strategic reviews and support transformation programmes. Learn about advisory

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Case studies:

Telco client

We worked with a UK client to achieve £1.6 million in gross recoveries from an aged, end of strategy, final debt portfolio. This was achieved by enhancing the client’s records with Equifax data to enrich the understanding of each customer. Customers were then assigned to different contact strategies, with a phased release schedule, based on their propensity to pay and other underlying characteristics.

Key themes in the sector:


Recoveries margins are currently being squeezed with businesses now moving towards multi-play strategies to increase average revenue per user. The mind set within the industry is that the revenue per user is an essential measurement, meaning businesses are now focused on customer retention and minimising churn. Telcos who can successfully improve recoveries whilst minimising churn and managing back-office cost will be at a distinct advantage.


Increased regulatory pressures currently being faced by the financial services sector are likely to filter to the telco and media sector. For example ‘split tariffs’, where a hardware element is on a separate credit agreement to the main contract, allows for greater flexibility around upgrades and early termination but puts telcos firmly within the jurisdiction of the Financial Conduct Authority.

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