Isobel Crosse

Head of Customer Experience

As the Head of Customer Experience at TDX Group, Isobel works at the heart of our Recoveries Management department, driving change and embedding the importance of the customer experience into TDX Group’s DNA.

Isobel is focused on supporting customers to engage in the recoveries process, to have a positive impact on the customer and ultimately on collections. Recent feedback from customers, who have engaged with our agencies, indicates that the majority of customers have a very positive experience and feel supported during conversations with our suppliers.

Greatest Professional Achievement:

Last year we created and delivered an award winning communications transformation program across all our clients. The impact it is having for our customers is absolutely worth the hard work that went into it.

Relevant Qualifications

BSc in Economics

Life outside of Work

Growing up on the edge of the Peak District means that Isobel has always loved nothing more than putting her boots on and heading out for a walk in the Peaks with her family, especially her two young children.

Content by Isobel: