Debt recovery

A fully managed debt recovery service designed for large creditors who want to optimise the recovery of money owed while improving customer outcomes

We have been placing and managing debt, through a supplier network for over a decade, and our service is comprised of best practice in four key areas:

1. Rich consumer insight

We can combine your data with the widest combination of insight from demographic, pre-and post- default credit, behavioural and activity data.

2. Optimised treatment strategies

Dynamic models and scores are coupled with ongoing test and learn to ensure strategies are continually optimised. This includes choosing the right specialist supplier panel from the market, for each of our clients, to deliver the right outcome.

3. Robust execution

We have tried and tested supplier management models and expertise in managing queries and exceptions.

4. End-to-end purpose built technology

Our bespoke technology, PLATO, captures a view of your customer across the full debt recovery life cycle, enabling the best next action to be applied.

An up-to-date view of your customer

At the heart of our service is customer insight. Right from the start we can enrich the profile of your customers by validating your data and combining it with a wide range of credit behaviourl, demographic and collections activity data. Through the recoveries lifecycle, we ensure that learnings are captured, and the best next action is applied.

Knowing more about each individual enables tailored strategies and conversations that drive fairer outcomes

Optimise the recovery of money owed – fairly, quickly and profitably

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