Debt recovery

An end-to-end debt recovery service that drives better returns, improves customer outcomes and protects vulnerable customers.

The debt recovery solution

This collections and recoveries managed service is an end-to-end solution that can help creditors manage their customers more effectively to deliver improved customer outcomes.

We do this from a unique position.

TDX Group is an Equifax company, allowing us to bring together bureau data, analytical capabilities and long standing experience into one service. TDX Group has extensive experience in supplier management and debt recovery and helps clients across all sectors (including government) to improve debt recovery returns whilst protecting their customers.
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It’s our mission to make the debt industry work better for everyone.

Drive fairer debt outcomes

To drive better customer outcomes you need to better understand an individual’s circumstances to apply the most appropriate treatment. We do this by combining Equifax bureau data with a range of data sources that are used at each stage of the collections and recoveries process.

The data we collect enables us to understand each customer’s individual circumstances as much as possible. This understanding and knowledge allows us to devise the most appropriate of communicating and assisting them to effectively repay their debts.

Delivering the right outcomes and protecting customers

We have been placing and managing debt, through a supplier network for over a decade and treating customers fairly is at the heart of everything we do.

As a company we recognise that vulnerable customers require a different non-standard approach when engaging in debt collection activities and, to provide the best service we can, we’ve created a range of specialist vulnerability services designed to help identify and protect vulnerable consumers.

Five capabilities

Our collection and recovery management service is comprised of the best practices in five key areas:

  1. Rich consumer insight
    We can combine your data with the widest combination of insight from demographic, pre-and post- default credit, behavioural and activity data.
  2. Expertise and advice
    Our experts use dynamic models and scores that are coupled with testing to ensure strategies are continually optimised. This includes aligning commercials and activity strategy based on that individual consumer situation and choosing a specialist supplier to deliver the right outcome.
  3. Process management
    Our robust operational execution capability and control points at each stage ensures that every consumer account is where it needs to be and each process runs smoothly so the consumer is treated fairly.
  4. Full market access
    We have access to the UK’s largest, most diverse, market leading panel of Debt Collection Agencies who meet our exceptionally high standards enforced through our conduct and oversight framework. We combine qualitative data with quantitative risk measures to identify trends and drive continuous improvement.
  5. Purpose built technology
    Our team utilises our own end-to-end technology, PLATO, to capture a view of your customer across the full debt recovery life cycle, enabling the best next action to be applied.

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