Insolvency management

TIX (The Insolvency Exchange) is an end-to-end insolvency management service that optimises returns from insolvent accounts and ensures they are sustainable and fair throughout their full lifecycle.

In 2006, we launched TIX (The Insolvency Exchange), which now encompasses all aspects of managing personal insolvencies, including bankruptcies and trust deeds as well as IVAs.

Our end-to-end service optimises returns from insolvent accounts and ensures they are sustainable and fair – through the full lifecycle.

Visibility of over 90% of all IVAs

Working on behalf of our creditor clients (including the top five UK banks), we have visibility of over 90% of all IVAs, giving a unique insight into the industry and its insolvency solutions.

Benefits of using TIX to manage personal insolvencies 

  • Cost reduction - Reduced operational pain / overhead with a 100% paperless process
  • Improved liquidation and value - value locked-in, with fast and regular distribution; enhanced portfolio valuation
  • Improvement in sustainability and fair treatment - case and IP / trustee management, auditable solution with full transparency of performance.


IVA capture and processing:

  • Online proof of debt capture, our web-based data exchange enables our clients to securely exchange account level proof of debt data in real time and in priority order
  • 100% I&E review
  • Vote on over 98% of cases
  • Full payment management

Tools for on-going case management:

  • Audit trail
  • Scorecard
  • MI and portfolio insight


  • Annual report
  • Chairman’s report
  • Variation review

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