Vulnerability services for fair, more effective treatment of vulnerable consumers in debt.

Creditors in the current environment face a number of challenges with regards to collecting outstanding debt from their customers, in particular where they may be considered vulnerable. Businesses need to look beyond macro trends, understand their customer’s circumstances more completely and adapt their debt collection strategies to proactively identify, and then support, their vulnerable customers.

TDX Group and Equifax can support your business in delivering good outcomes for your consumers:


Identification: Financial Vulnerability Identifier (FVI)

To help you identify financial vulnerability, we have used our unique expertise in managing debt to develop a predictive Financial Vulnerability Identifier.


Being part of Equifax we utilise over 150 bureau characteristics & scores to understand 6 behaviours:

1. Poor management of the basics

2. High utilisation of Credit

3. Hunger for Credit

4. Missed payments

5. CCJs / Defaults

6. Insolvency / Bankruptcy

With these behaviours overlaid against a number of rules, we highlight those at risk of financial vulnerability, or those who are already in financial crisis. This individual level insight enables you to take appropriate proactive or reactive steps to achieve a good outcome.

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As part of our debt collection and recovery managed service proposition, we support creditors in identifying and treating vulnerable consumers fairly. This includes the application of FVI within our segmentation process.


All of our DCA partners are adept at identifying and handling vulnerability cases, supported by our Vulnerability Standard and comprehensive Call Handler Guidelines, but where a potential vulnerability is identified in advance, we offer a range of differentiated treatment paths for the consumer journey including;

- a bespoke communication suite focussed on establishing positive contact

- longer placement lengths to enable time to achieve the right outcome reflective of often complex situations

- option of utilising specialist agencies with a differentiated approach including;

- A "named person" on the initial call, who will be the single point of contact, to whom the customer can call for support and advice

- Agents fully trained as "Health and Wellbeing advisors"

- Agents completed online counselling diplomas to advanced level and also participation in the National Mental Health First Aid 'ASIST' certified training.

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Why we're your trusted pair of hands

By placing the customer at the heart of every decision, you can rest assured your recoveries don’t come at the cost of your reputation.

- Accredited to BSI18477

- Working towards ISO 22458:2022

- Award Winning Crystal Marked Communications Suites

- Key members of government fairness group

- Finalists for vulnerable customer strategy of the year award 2023

- You get access to advice from our in house specialists

Our role is to convert complex challenges into workable and effective routes forward

>What is V+

Are your Collections and Recoveries teams ready?

By combining a range of ethical debt resolution services with consultative expertise, we’ll find the best way to communicate with your customers and assist them in resolving their debt situation, fairly, ethically and responsibly.


Our advisory specialists can complete a comprehensive assessment of your business’s key C&R capabilities. They will provide you with an industry benchmark across six dimensions, including:

>What is V+

What you’ll get and how you can use it:

• A detailed report, with key focus areas identified, to help manage the impact of the cost-of-living crisis

• Identification of quick wins to generate immediate benefits

• Guidance and recommendations for internal investments to enhance performance

• External tools and resources that can support short-term needs or contingency plans

• Longer-term investment planning

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