Debt sale

An end-to-end service helping creditors maximise the value of their non-performing loans or assets. We do this through the use of data, analytics, and market insight within a clearly defined and tested project framework.

Debt sale brokerage from TDX Group

Our approach helps creditors utilise the right data, processes and oversight to ensure they sell debt portfolios at the right time, for the right price and to the right purchasers.

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Who we work with

Our clients vary from large financial banks to UK-based telco companies, all of whom benefited from TDX Group's debt sale brokerage solution. We're confident that we can assist most companies get value from their debt. Our team have successfully worked on portfolios that ranged between £3 million and £1 billion with an average portfolio value of around £50 million. We're unable to work with small or one-off debts due to the complexity of segmentation and analytics that is required to drive value.

Getting the right price

Our competitive and data-led approach has shown to drive price uplift in excess of 20% compared to a direct sale

Selling debt in a way that drives the best possible price, whilst ensuring fair consumer treatment and delivering value to all, involves the careful management of a number of different factors. TDX Group’s experience has developed by working in emerging and mature markets for over a decade. This experience has helped us to develop the tools, frameworks and data assets we need to deliver real value to sellers, helping them achieve the best possible outcome of asset sale.

Reducing risk by deciding which accounts not to sell

Our process puts a lot of focus to getting to know your data, processes and customer base to help us identify accounts which are unsuitable for sale. By effectively identifying and excluding accounts we can create a better outcome for all parties by:

Reducing risk

TDX Group generally finds that around 10% of a portfolio is unsuitable for sale for example due to risk of complaints, likelihood of put/buy-backs or by resulting in a reduced price.
  • Reducing brand or reputational risk
  • Reducing the level of post-work by limiting the amount complaints, disputes, queries and put/buy-backs
  • Improving price by increasing quality of the portfolio and removing risk from purchasers' pricing models

The right data and the right strategy

We have access to multiple data sources (including Equifax) which, when combined with our knowledge of the debt purchase market, means we are able to segment accounts to meet purchaser specialisms and appetite. The end result is a fully engaged panel of purchasers who are willing to buy the debt and have confidence in what they are bidding for leading to a better outcome.

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What, when and how to sell. The TDX Group debt sale service is based on using accurate data, market knowledge to create purchaser competition.

How TDX Group can help you

In the hands of experts

We’re one of the largest debt brokers in Europe having helped over 30 creditors sell more than £13 billion of debt spread across 8 million individual accounts across 200 portfolios.

If you are a company who has never done debt sale before

If your portfolio is worth over £3 million then TDX Group are happy to guide you through the full process to ensure you’re as confident as can be for your first debt sale. We can help you understand who to approach, what accounts to sell, the bidding process and what you should consider post-sale. We do this to ensure you execute the sale successfully whilst avoiding normal pitfalls and reducing business risk.

If you are an established debt seller looking to optimise

Our market insight helps us drive a better price by;

  • Marketing the sale to the most appropriate panel of purchasers who have appetite for your debt

  • Segmenting on a debt based level and optimisation of choosing a purchaser panel, preferences and getting the best possible price

  • Being able to run a highly competitive process which has been proven to drive price uplifts in excess of 15% between initial rounds and final rounds of biddings

  • Removing the risk in purchaser pricing models to give more confidence - resulting in better pricing by presenting the portfolio in the best possible light

If you are an established debt seller with a competitive process

If you’re a business that works within a highly competitive and high risk business TDX Group could help you to reduce risk and post-sale work. We do this by utilising our intellectual property and data assets to effectively identify accounts which are unsuitable for sale along with being able to help manage post-sale processes and queries more effectively.

If you're a company with a large aged warehouse portfolio

Our valuation service helps you understand the cost of inactivity as, most often, the value of aged warehouse portfolios can erode value off your total portfolio. Part of this process is a full review of whether to place, sell or keep the debt alongside producing a view of what the portfolio can be worth to you. If you elect to sell or place we will help you through this process to ensure you maximise value.

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