How to identify and support your financially vulnerable customers

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Engage early, reduce costs and save time

We believe earlier and better identification of vulnerable consumers will improve both their experience and your outcomes. By reaching out sooner, businesses can minimise the risk of their customers falling into arrears, and reduce the costs associated with late-stage collections and recoveries.

Focusing on fairer, more ethically responsible methods of debt resolution has never been more important than
it is right now. That’s why we are working with our partners and clients, supporting them to achieve the right outcomes for their customers at a time when they need it most.

Can your business effectively identify and manage customers that may be vulnerable or have affordability issues?

TDX Group and Equifax have a wealth of experience supporting creditors to optimise their customer’s credit and debt journeys. That ranges from an initial benchmarking of your current approach, a Strategy and  Segmentation redesign via our Advisory function, or the optimisation of Collections, Recoveries and Vulnerability outsourcing with our managed service offerings.

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