Debt sale

Our end-to-end asset sale brokerage service helps creditors use the right data, processes and oversight to ensure they sell debt portfolios at the right time, for the right price and to the right purchaser.

Selling debt in a way that drives the best possible price, while ensuring fair consumer treatment and delivering value to all – we call it the ‘right’ price – involves the careful management of a number of different factors. With over a decade working in emerging and mature markets TDX Group is uniquely positioned to help sellers achieve the right price.

Sell the right accounts

Typically, 5% of a sale file is suppressed by TDX Group, and 3% is found to be insolvent

Right data, right strategy

A cleanse and enrich process enables us to select only those accounts that should be sold and ensure the information held on them is as up-to-date as possible. 

We have access to multiple data sources, including data held by our parent company, Equifax and our knowledge of the debt purchase market means we are able to segment accounts for sale to meet purchaser specialisms and appetite. The end result is a fully engaged panel of purchasers who want to buy the debt, and have confidence in what they are bidding for.

What, when and how to sell. The TDX Group debt sale service is based on using accurate data, market knowledge to create purchaser competition.

Right processes and oversight

Our web-based platform, VENDO: Post-Sale Manager, enables sellers and purchasers to better manage customer queries and operational activity, post-sale.

Post-Sale Manager is a centralised workflow management system which enables the effective handling of:

  • Customer queries and document requests, reducing the risk of escalated complaints.

  • Management and auditing of the buy back and put back process, with status changes viewable on screen.

  • Fully hosted and secure requiring no IT integration.

    Sell to the right purchaser

    ~75% of consumers in arrears already have a relationship with a debt purchaser.

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Improving customer experience

One approach to sale we can offer is Customer Level Selling. It is a unique way, enabled by our access to bureau data from our parent company, Equifax, to align individual accounts to a purchaser who already has made contact with your customer about a different account. 

This approach has a number of benefits:

  • Price is optimised based on purchasers buying a known contact.

  • The purchaser gains a more holistic view of the consumer’s financial circumstances and is able to tailor activity accordingly.

  • The number of parties contacting the consumer about arrears is minimised

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