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Financial services

Since 2004 we have worked with the majority of the UK's leading financial services providers, including eight of the ten largest banks and credit card suppliers, giving us unrivalled understanding of the sector and its needs. Now more than ever, no matter what the debt management challenge is, information-based credit risk strategies are needed. An analytically driven strategy based on customer segmentation and market intelligence will achieve both the best returns and compliance to regulatory standards by avoiding an ineffective and inappropriate ‘one size fits all' approach.

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With £1.75 billion of retail energy debt on our debt placement and management platform (PLATO), we manage more final debt for the energy sector than any other UK organisation. This gives us unparalleled insight into how energy customers behave when in arrears, enabling us to help energy companies improve liquidation performance, while ensuring fair treatment of their customers. We can help identify optimal treatment strategies for consumer and SME debt recovery while also helping address energy-specific challenges, such as dealing with occupier debts and identifying and extracting unrealised value from large warehouse portfolios.

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Telecoms and media

With £1.9 billion of live and terminated global telecoms and media debt on our debt placement and management platform (PLATO), we have an unparalleled view of how customers behave when in arrears. We utilise this insight to improve the liquidation of consumer and small business debt whilst decreasing churn, hence increasing the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). We help address sector-specific challenges, such as balancing recovering outstanding debt with rehabilitating potentially valuable customers, as an example, we adopt creative commercial structures with debt collection agencies to incentivise rehabilitation where appropriate and rigorously performance manage them to maximise results.

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Having completed consultancy projects for three of the top six water companies and with £345 million of water debt across our platforms we have a unique view of both internal and external collections performance across the sector. This gives us unparalleled insight into the specific challenges faced across the sector and the strategies that have been successfully deployed to resolve these.We help address water-specific challenges such as rehabilitating live debtors back into the internal process and identifying and extracting unrealised value from large warehouse portfolios.

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Public sector

We have worked with both central government and local authorities to deliver increased effectiveness and improved efficiency in collections and recoveries and we appreciate some of the unique sensitivities and challenges of reducing the amount of money owed to the government by citizens and businesses. Legacy processes and old technologies can hamper progress and in a climate of austerity the potential gains are crucial to maintaining services. Over the last few years the private sector has become very sophisticated in the way that it recovers debt. TDX is integral to many of these organisations and provide a platform on which this process can be managed. This can bring significant recovery uplift, as well as improved internal efficiencies, and at the same time address concerns around regulatory compliance and fairness to customers.

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Debt Specialists

Debt collection has been at the heart of TDX Group since we were founded in 2004. Working in close partnership with our panel of over 70 debt collection agencies we have managed £20 billion of debt on behalf of our clients and placed over 38 million accounts with our agencies and we currently process over 785,000 debt recovery transactions each month.

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Since the launch of our insolvency management platform, TIX, in 2006, TDX has been working alongside Insolvency Practitioners (IPs). We have visibility of 95% of IVAs and Protected Trust Deeds (200+ per day). As a result we understand the challenges and demands of the personal insolvency market including deep insights into the behaviours and demographics of insolvent consumers. In 2013 we completed the integration of a specialist software provider, enabling us to provide IPs with a modern software solution that drives more efficient and effective processes which is an ever-growing requirement as the pressure on IP margins increases.

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Because our debt sale service is based on a model that brings debt sellers and purchasers closer together to ensure the right debt is being sold to the right purchaser, we have worked closely with debt purchasers for many years. VENDO, our debt sale platform, is the largest in Europe, with 5.1 million accounts sold. It is also currently used by three of the eight largest debt purchasing firms in Europe. As a result we have developed a detailed understanding of the specific needs of purchasers not only when they're in the market to buy a portfolio, but also their needs through servicing a portfolio.

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Latest news

  • Insolvency Market Trends - July update

    17 July 2017

    The volume of new personal insolvencies continues to rise.
    An early cut of data from the first half of the year suggests that overall growth in new Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) and Trust Deeds (TDs) is ~20% against the same period in 2016 (25,651 new IVAs and TDs in the first half of 2016 vs. 31,025 in the first half
    of 2017).

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  • TDX Group research alerts businesses to upward spike in bad debt

    19 June 2017

    The ‘TDX Group Consumer Debt Report 2017’ from the UK’s leading provider of data and technology-driven debt solutions for businesses, reveals that over a quarter (28%) of Brits fear they may not be able to keep up with repayments on their personal debt.

    The online survey, conducted by YouGov, also found that unsecured debt now tops average monthly earnings¹, with more than one in four (28%) owing in excess of £2,000. Almost half in debt (49%) owe money to more than one organisation. In addition, one in four (25%) are concerned they could lose their job, while almost one in five (18%) are worried their pay might fall back.

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Our clients

Benefitting from our accumulated data and insight

Our data, technology and advisory solutions are informed by data from over 200 client portfolios. Founded in the UK in 2004, we now have four international offices. Our clients are blue chip creditors and specialist debt businesses across the globe.

Featured case study preview

“The implementation of TDX’s post sale query portal technology has enabled HSBC to provide best in class customer service, improving the working relationship with our debt purchase panel whist at the same time ensuring we meet the highest standard of compliance.”

Faye Byrne, Senior Manager Third Party Management & Debt Sale, HSBC Group

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