VENDO: Post Sale Manager

VENDO: Post Sale Manager is a fully hosted, web-based system that enables creditors to keep close to their customers, post-sale.

Debt sale is a significant part of many creditors’ strategy to manage their debt portfolios. However, even post-sale, the creditor retains responsibility for the treatment of their customers.

VENDO: Post Sale Manager provides on-going visibility of account-level activity undertaken by a purchaser panel, including early alerts of possible risks to customer outcomes, making you better able to meet governance and oversight standards post-sale.

  • Control risk

  • Manage the customer outcome

  • Access up-to-date management information and audit trails

  • No additional resource overhead needed

Six key functions enable you to proactively retain oversight of customer experience

Instead of piecing together the customer experience through annual retrospective audits, or seeking understanding when a problem arises, VENDO: Post Sale Manager has six key functions that enable you have proactive oversight:

Query resolution

Our clients have found that using VENDO: Post Sale Manager they have been able to reduce turnaround time of query resolution by up to 70%.

1.    Activity tracking
See what is happening on every account.

2.    Exception reporting
Get an early alert where there is a risk to customer outcomes.

3.    Reconciliation
See where all your accounts are.

4.    Buy-back / put-back
Manage and view status changes promptly and on screen.

5.    Queries
Secure and prompt handling of queries.

6.    MI reporting
Customisable reporting across all functionality.

Easy to deploy and easy to use

There is no installation required to get up and running on VENDO. Sellers simply provide a one-off extraction of sale data in .csv file. Purchaser update activity and reconciliation data weekly.

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