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29 / 06 / 20

Data holds the key to helping vulnerable consumers

None of us would imagine credit could be obtained without the lender first checking your credit record to assess your ability to be able to pay it back.

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26 / 06 / 20

TDX Group comment following Ofgem open letter to energy suppliers on restarting debt management activity

Commenting on Ofgem’s open letter to energy suppliers regarding restarting debt management activity, Carlos Osorio, Director of Debt Recovery at TDX Group, an Equifax company, echoes the sentiment that in order for debt collection processes to be fair, they must take individual circumstances into account.

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19 / 06 / 20

What does V+ mean for Vulnerable Consumers?

Whilst every FCA regulated creditor and debt collection agency is more than capable of identifying and handling different types of vulnerability on a customer call, we felt that something more was needed for those customers who even before we speak to them, we already know, or have good evidence to suspect, may be vulnerable.

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12 / 06 / 20

TDX Group supports campaign to end threatening debt letters

Backing the Money and Mental Health Policy Institution’s campaign to end intimidating debt letters, Carlos Osorio, Director of Debt Recovery at TDX Group, an Equifax company, joins the call for a fresh, more humane approach to debt collection processes:

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10 / 06 / 20

Introducing our V+ Partners

A couple of weeks ago TDX Group launched its V+ services to help creditors better identify and manage vulnerable consumers with problem debt.

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