Introducing our V+ Partners

Over the last few months TDX Group has been scouring the industry for partners who share our vision for a better way to serve the needs of vulnerable consumers. We talked to lots of organisations, both those already known to us, and also newcomers, many of whom had good stories to tell. But a good story wasn't good enough - we needed to see it in action and unashamedly set the bar high. We were difficult to please - we grilled senior management, dissected treatment paths, talked to frontline agents, listened to calls and benchmarked outcomes across organisations.

Today TDX Group is excited and proud to announce it is partnering its V+ service with three organisations that truly reflect the very best this industry has to offer in serving vulnerable consumers:

  • Advantis Credit

  • BPO Respect

  • Phillips & Cohen Associates

Welcome aboard! Why did we choose these organisations? Many reasons but put very simply each of them was able to demonstrate:

  • Significant and proven experience of handling vulnerable consumers

  • Investment in specialist advisors, people with life experience and backgrounds having previously worked with vulnerable people

  • Specialist tailored training of staff and agents, with a special focus on mental health

  • A differentiated tone of voice and refreshingly unique treatment paths

  • A strong commitment to the BSI BS 18477 standard for inclusive service provision for vulnerable customers 

  • And finally, a culture to strive for better outcomes for vulnerable consumers

Talk to us about how the TDX Group V+ service and our new partners can provide your organisation with a truly differentiated service for your vulnerable customers.

Why? Because now, perhaps more than ever before, vulnerable customers deserve the very best treatment and outcomes that are fair for all.

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