Finalists in the 2019 Credit Awards

We are finalists in four categories at the Credit Strategy’s Credit Awards

Credit Strategy’s Credit Awards are one of the industry’s most talked about events of the year where companies from across the credit industry gather to celebrate their achievements and best practices.

This year Equifax and TDX Group are finalists for four of the awards available, these are:

Best Company to Work for – Provider (Equifax and TDX Group)

We always do our best to go above and beyond to show our support for our colleagues and to make Equifax and TDX Group great companies to work for. We’re always striving to do better, from providing training opportunities to encouraging and assisting with fundraising ventures – something that’s a big part of who we are and what we do. In fact, corporate social responsibility has grown to be such an integral part of the business that we’ve appointment a new CSR Director in order to drive and grow this passion even more.

All of our colleagues are given a number of benefits as standard as soon as they start with the business, which include enhanced pension, flu jabs and private healthcare.

In addition to the benefits and CSR initiatives, we try to make the workplace a great environment by providing small perks to brighten up our colleagues’ week such as handing out daffodils for International Happiness Day, Easter eggs, advent calendars, massages and pancake breakfasts. We believe it’s the small things we do that can make a difference to our colleagues and make Equifax and TDX Group a great place to work.

Special Recognition for Diversity and Inclusion (Equifax and TDX Group)

As a company we work hard to provide a positive working environment where we celebrate and encourage diversity. In 2018 Equifax ran an information week followed by the launch of its own diversity and inclusion forum. The initiative has had a great response and has expanded and grown within the business, taking on a whole host of activities and initiatives. The forum has worked on events and celebrations from International Women’s Day to Diwali, Holi and everything in between.

We also run an internal leadership programme, Living Equifax, a two day training programme that gathers leaders from across the business to discuss and learn from one another.

In 2018 we signed the Women in Finance charter which was created to ask finance companies to commit to preparing female colleagues for leadership positions. The aim of the charter is to reduce the gender pay gap and build a more balanced industry by encouraging more women into leadership roles.

Best Outsourcing and Partnership Initiative (Equifax and HSBC)

In 2018 Equifax, HSBC and AccountScore worked together to deliver the first live use case of Open Banking to help improve the credit application process for HSBC’s customers. By using Open Banking data to verify income and affordability, HSBC were able to improve customer on-boarding by removing manual processes, speed up applications and improve their overall customer service.

In addition we worked with HSBC and AccountScore to use Open Banking for ID verification for the first time, to close an authentication gap within the industry. By matching sort code and account number to an individual current account owner using Equifax’s extensive range of current account data, we were able to implement an ID verification solution which added an additional layer of protection for consumers and businesses.

Collections & Recoveries Service Provider of the Year (TDX Group and Vodafone)

This award, focusing on TDX Group, is based on an example of service that was provided to one of their clients. TDX Group was hired to help Vodafone improve its debt recovery performance by overhauling its current process. The company started working on a fully managed service which included utilising a purpose-built platform and complementary tools to deliver an analytical and data-driven approach. Vodafone wanted to increase their recovery performance but also ensure customer treatments were fair and appropriate. The partnership resulted in an impressive 28% uplift in debt recovered through the development of a customer-focused segmentation model.

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