Webinar: Improving Debt Resolution in the Public Sector

We are inviting all public sector organisations to join our DRS webinar on 21st June as we discuss the ways TDX Group can help support your collections strategy as part of the CCS Debt Resolution Services (DRS) Collections & Managed Service Provider framework to help to improve debt resolution.

Working in partnership with Crown Commercial Services (CCS), we'll be explaining how TDX Group (through the Debt Market Integrator Indesser) has already delivered £3bn in collections for the public sector, the range of debt recovery solutions and data services we offer and how easy it us to start using our services,

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During this session we will explain:

  • How TDX Group already work partnership with the public sector.
  • Introduce our delivery team and the range of services we can offer through the DRS framework.
  • How we use data & technology to enhance fair and efficient collections, whilst ensuring customers are treated fairly and with compassion.
  • Our comprehensive panel management and how it helps to maximise collections performance.
  • You'll hear from our existing clients about how we've already helped them maximise the amount of debt they recover and provide ethical and fair outcomes for citizens in vulnerable situations.
  • How you can onboard TDX as a supplier and start using our services within weeks.

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*Agenda subject to change*