Public sector

Working with central government and local authorities.

Our experience

We have worked with both central government and local authorities to deliver increased effectiveness and improved efficiency in collections and recoveries and we appreciate some of the unique sensitivities and challenges of reducing the amount of money owed to the government by citizens and businesses. Legacy processes and old technologies can hamper progress and in a climate of austerity the potential gains are crucial to maintaining services.

With the ability to meet all areas of public sector requirements from early collections, through the legal process, to enforcement, we can offer a full range of engagement models from full outsourcing to 'problem specific' solutions.


Indesser is a private business, jointly owned by the government and TDX Group, offering government departments a single route to use the private sector to recover debt. It was founded in 2015, following a competitive tender process run by Her Majesty’s Government.

The service Indesser provides is founded on the principle of defining the best and most appropriate level of debt collection activity based on the debt and the individual’s circumstances by using data, insight and the best specialist suppliers in the market.

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