Uplift on aged debt

Driving an uplift in collections for aged debt

Debt advisory and consultancy case study

The client

A local authority in the public sector


The client wanted to determine which accounts to target for collections activity in a portfolio of aged debt.

The project

The client had a portfolio of £35 million of aged debt which had already been through their full collection process. By reviewing customer data across the council’s ten service lines, TDX Group identified customers who were in arrears to more than one service line. By doing this the client had a clearer understanding of their customers’ full financial circumstances and were able to communicate with them more efficiently

By using internal and external data sources TDX Group identified customers who had moved, had new contact information and identified those highly unlikely to be able to pay.

TDX Group solution

A bespoke advisory engagement including:

  • Strategy optimiser – an analytical review of the portfolio to drive a new segmentation strategy.
  • Data cross-matching – to provide fuller understanding of the customers’ financial circumstances and improve contact data


  • TDX Group identified significant cross-over between service lines, with 37% of accounts matched to at least one other account.
  • TDX Group improved customer telephone contact details for customers by 33%
  • The portfolio was segmented into five broad segments, with recommended collections strategies for each.
  • Overall, the TDX Group recommendations had potential to deliver £6 million of uplift in collections in year one, and £3 million on-going.
  • The local authority undertook a small scale trial, based on the TDX Group ecommendations,which gave results in line with expectations. This is now being rolled out on a wider scale.