Post Sale management

HSBC adopts best in class post sale support through implementation of real time query portal technology

Query Portal case study

The client

HSBC (financial services)

Business need

HSBC wanted to enhance their debt sale capability

TDX Group solution

Query Portal

Challenges faced

  • HSBC wanted to enhance their debt sale capability in line with their programme of continuous improvement.
  • Wanting to provide the best level of customer service post sale and cognisant of regulatory guidelines from the Lending Standards Board, Office of Fair Trading and Financial Services Authority, HSBC recognised an opportunity to improve their existing post sale support processes.
  • Manually compiling debt purchaser raised queries and complaints on spread sheets was suboptimal leading to:
    • longer than desired query response times;
    • poor audit trail making root cause analysis difficult;
    • a manual process which was costly and resource intensive;
    • difficulty tracking put back and document request volumes.


  • HSBC chose to implement TDX Group’s real time post sale Query Portal across its portfolio of sold accounts with their panel of debt purchasers.
  • Implementation was completed over a two week period with minimal IT integration required by HSBC.
  • The solution gave HSBC a comprehensive view of its post sale query process in one place for the first time.
  • Customised query categories were setup to enable query workflow and maximise the power of the MI.
  • Red, amber and green SLA flags were attributed to queries to allow the query team to prioritise the oldest queries.
  • Online MI and workflow management provided by the portal enabled HSBC to optimise resource allocation, ensure all queries were responded and reduce resolution time.


  • HSBC achieved an impressive reduction in average query response time ensuring effective customer service to debt purchasers and customers alike.
  • Improved MI and workflow enabled resources to be effectively allocated and workloads balanced.
  • Logging of query history and activity via audit trial reduced duplicate queries being raised by purchasers.
  • Effective mechanism to track volume of queries raised by debt purchaser and category to allow management of contractual obligations.
  • Improved complaints handling ensuring continued compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Client feedback

The implementation of TDX Group’s post sale Query Portal technology has enabled HSBC to provide best in class customer service, improving the working relationship with our debt purchase panel whilst at the same time ensuring we meet the highest standards of compliance.” Faye Prinsep, Senior Manager, Third Party Management & Debt Sale, HSBC Group