Transitioning in-house debt recovery to a fully managed service

Supporting a leading short-term loan company through transition from an in-house debt recovery process to a fully managed service

Financial services debt solutions case study

Client: A leading international short term and near prime lender

Company summary

  • Financial services organisation authorised and regulated by the FCA
  • Best known for their short term loan products
  • Undergone a period of significant change as the business has matured

Relationship history

The client and TDX Group, with an existing working relationship in Spain, saw an opportunity to expand this to the UK, leading to the implementation of TDX Group’s Recoveries Management solution in the UK.


  • Implement best practice debt recovery, delivering improved debt recovery rates
  • Minimise risk within the debt recovery process by ensuring fair and appropriate customer treatment in line with FCA principles


  • Client required a solution proven to deliver customer outcomes in line with FCA expectations while delivering excellent financial results


  • Having significantly scaled down their recoveries operations following an industry review by the regulator, the client required a solution proven to deliver fair customer outcomes in line with FCA guidelines while delivering excellent financial results

TDX Group solution

  • Application of TDX Group’s cross-sector insight and practitioner expertise to create value-generating debt recovery strategies.
  • Use of data enrichment to improve right party contact rates.

The solution was designed to drive optimised debt recovery strategies and is underpinned by robust processes to ensure improved collections performance within a FCA regulated environment. After the success of this initial piece of work, the partnership was then expanded to include debt recovery (moving services 60 days earlier within the debt life-cycle) and insolvency management.


  • Double-digit lifetime liquidation on the historic aged portfolio.

Client feedback

"Since engaging TDX Group to support our recoveries management processes in late 2016, we’ve seen improved financial performance within a transparent and customer treatment focussed framework. The partnership model implemented has combined the best of TDX Group data, analytics and insight with our business knowledge to deliver against our core business objectives."