Matt Wallis

Head of Solution Design

Matt joined the TDX Group in 2012 and heads up the Data and Analytics team. He is responsible for creating, deploying and continuously improving debt management strategies on behalf of our clients to deliver market leading outcomes for creditors and consumers.

Matt and his team focus on utilising our unique data assets and debt market insight to empower informed decision making in debt management and he always strives to deliver better outcomes for customers and clients.

Meeting new and existing clients on a regular basis, Matt’s area is also responsible for working closely with the product team to ensure market trends and needs are being captured in our development plans for the future. This helps TDX Group to be at the forefront of the industry by continuing to create solutions for the credit industry.

Matt originally joined TDX Group's client analytics team looking after key client portfolios across our Insolvency and Recoveries Management business lines. Matt’s previous roles were in the Energy and Aviation sectors, focused on analytics and pricing.

Relevant qualifications: BSC Hons Computer & Management Sciences

Greatest professional achievement:
Being a part of the team that successfully won the government procurement for a Debt Market Integrator.

Hobbies outside of work: Matt has a young family to keep him busy alongside getting "hands on" with his house renovation.

Articles by Matt: