Antón Alfaya

Managing Director at TDX Indigo

Antón is responsible for the TDX Group business in Spain. He is the Managing Director at TDX Indigo and is responsible of Debt Services and Consulting businesses for Equifax Group in Iberia.

Antón has more than 18 years of experience in credit risk management and analytical marketing, both in management positions and in consulting activities.

In 2004, he was co-founder of Indigo Value Analysis and has worked as a consultant since then with different high-level companies in Spain, Latin-American, Australia and Europe. Previously, he was responsible for the portfolio management of credit cards for the prime segment at Capital One Bank in the UK.

Relevant qualifcations:

  • Program for Management Development (PMD) from ESADE
  • Business Administration degree
  • Law degree from ICADE (E-3)