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Key themes in the sector

  • Improving recoveries whilst managing churn remains the key focus for the sector, with segmentation of customers and targeted strategies proving to be a key solution.
  • Increased regulatory pressures currently faced by the Financial Services sector are likely to be translated to the telecoms and media sector.
  • There is a growing interest in the sector from a broadening range of debt purchasers who are focused on diversifying into new sectors.

Our experience

With over £1.9 billion of live and terminated global telecoms and media debt on our debt placement and management platform (PLATO), we have an unparalleled view of how customers behave when in arrears. We utilise this insight to improve the liquidation of consumer and small business debt whilst decreasing churn, hence increasing the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

We help address sector-specific challenges, such as balancing recovering outstanding debt with rehabilitating potentially valuable customers, as an example, we adopt creative commercial structures with debt collection agencies to incentivise rehabilitation where appropriate and rigorously performance manage them to maximise results.

  • Featured case study: BT uses Real Time Query Portal
  • Featured case study: BT uses Real Time Query Portal
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