By using PLATO, you can benefit from the performance improvement associated with using a multi-agency, multi-placement strategy without creating additional overhead or exposing your business to the reputational risk of losing control or oversight of activity.

PLATO enables the fast implementation of a multi-agency recoveries strategy. The platform is fully hosted by TDX Group, minimising internal IT overhead, with secure web-based access and straight-forward data interfaces for you and your external recoveries suppliers.

By providing automated links to external third party data providers, PLATO enables you to enrich the information you hold on your customers, so you can start as you mean to go on – with the best information possible to ensure both the most effective and appropriate recoveries strategies.

Automated processes combined with instant access to audit trails and management information means you have control and visibility of what is happening to each account, so you are in the best position to manage performance and risk.

Using PLATO enables you to improve outcomes

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  • PLATO facts and figures
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