TIX | insolvency management

Sustainable IVAs for you and your customers

Features and benefits

Fully hosted end-to-end IVA management for creditors to get the best from your portfolio.

  • Fast and intelligent decisions on IVA proposals
  • Improve sustainability and returns through active life-time account management
  • Improve liquidation performance with full data capture and trend analysis
  • Enjoy hassle-free dividend handling and payment processing
  • Meet regulatory requirements with industry standard protocols and processes, a full audit trail and look-up capability 
  • Stay fully informed with case status updates integrated to your system 
  • Industry engagement and representation to balance creditor and debtor interests

Facts and figures

The UK's largest IVA servicing platform.

  • Over £4.8 billion of debt under management on TIX
  • £470 million of cash processed for TIX clients
  • 600,000 pieces of correspondence processed each year
  • Connected to over 700 insolvency practitioner (IP) firms and 1,750 individual IPs
  • 20 leading creditors choose TIX
  • 15% sustainable dividend uplift locking in £330 million of additional value for TIX clients