Screenshots of Debtflow software in use

Debtflow software has been designed for Insolvency Practitioners to automate workflow and decision making

Debtflow automates documents, calculations and cash transactions, so you can focus on managing customer relationships instead of administration. It can be customised to suit your requirements for IVAs or Debt Management Plans, and reporting is simple so you can see the status of all your accounts at a glance. All of this enables you to scale your business profitably.

We offer three modules

  • Debtflow IVA - drives down the cost of managing IVAs by streamlining your processes and giving you the flexilibility to respond quickly to changes in regulation.
  • Debtflow debt management - enables you to manage payments proactively, with automated alerts and missed payment tasks.
  • Debtflow PTD - maps the Protected Trust Deed workflow to save you time and resource.

Key features

  • Case management – from the start, to the end of your relationship with a customer, information is stored in a central location with communications being prompted or automated at just the right time.
  • Decision Engine – guide your customers towards the most appropriate solution, ensuring best practice is followed.
  • Document management – all documents linked to customer accounts with automatic version control and audit trail.
  • Automatic documentation – automated letters, proposals, reviews at the touch of a button
  • Telephony integration – reduce time spent on cases and improve customer service by linking Debtflow to your choice of soft phone. Automate dialling and link inbound call with cases quickly and efficiently. 
  • Email/text integration – send emails and texts directly from the system, ensuring an audit trail is recorded.
  • Reporting and dashboard – see your results in real time, and compare with historical data

Money management

  • Banking interface - from simple BACs payment procedures to full automated payment systems, Debtflow reduces time spent and eliminates the risk of human error.
  • Cheque writing - remove manual cheque writing.
  • Cashbook – manage all your payments (schedule, automate and calculate).
  • Automated calculations – configured to your organisation’s requirements to free up your experienced staff from manual calculations.


Customer Relationship Management
Debtflow gives you full information on the status of a customer’s account, so you can manage the collection process more quickly and efficiently.

Business Process Management
Your organisation’s best practice procedures are modelled to configure your workflow in the system and increase efficiency.

Built around your best practice procedures, and any regulatory guidelines, the system manages the process through each step, automating communications and providing a detailed information and audit trail to streamline your operations.