Our values

TDX Group was founded in 2004 on the belief that the recovery of debt could be infinitely more efficient, effective and fair through the use of more data and analysis.

That core belief has never changed.

Today, we describe it in our vision as being here to make the debt industry better for everyone.

We are able to have this bold ambition because of two key things.

Firstly, our business model:

We work in the middle of the industry between creditors (such as banks and utility companies) and specialist debt businesses (such as debt collection agencies), so we get a more rounded view of what's going on and of individuals who are in debt to multiple creditors. It means we can learn more and learn faster; better tailoring recoveries strategies to individual circumstances.

Secondly, and most importantly:

Our colleagues.

Our culture at TDX Group is unique. Our colleagues enjoy our distinct identity and how important it is that we nurture and maintain it.

So, to help us all understand what it is to be a true TDXer; to put some words and actions around why we feel this way, we've developed five simple values.

Because we work for business, we don't have direct consumer contact, so we constantly challenge ourselves to understand the impact that our decisions, actions or processes could have on the person who's in debt - even when it's not obvious.

With our clients we share our knowledge and insight but we are never arrogant. We ask for feedback and input – we listen well and we take action because we want to be better at what we do.

We all know how irritating it is when someone says they'll do something, then they don't. So we are honest and realistic.

A true TDXer treats their colleagues with the same level of respect and integrity as any other customer. Regardless of role, experience or personal background, everyone's opinion is valued.

Values_know your stuff

Our colleagues got their jobs here at TDX Group because they are an expert. They have the right skills and the right capabilities. It doesn't matter if they came here with lots of experience, or if this is their first job. They were the ones who ticked all the boxes.

Values_find solutions

We secretly like a bit of a curve ball... (being thrown one, or throwing one!).

One of the things that makes us buzz and makes us thrive is when we can see an opportunity to do something better or make a difference for the benefit of all; we love finding a way to make the impossible possible.

TDXers are great at spotting opportunities, at validating them and then getting the right people involved to make it happen.

Values_enjoy what you do

We all know there are days when work is hard (or just plain boring!), or we are distracted, or there's something tough coming round the corner that is weighing on our minds.

But, at TDX Group we roll our sleeves up, we're professional and we find the fun and positivity in what we do. For the benefit or ourselves and everyone we work with and for.

We are here, making a difference in a challenging industry.

Values_passion for growth

We grow our business by continually improving our products and services for our existing markets, and by seeking new geographies to expand into.

And because we care about growth, we know we need to do things right.

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